Getz an update

11 Feb

I want to keep giving updates, so I’m just going to post as I go…

As I said I’m in the research phase at the moment. I think that the research phase is direly important and one that first time installers may overlook (I did in my first install and paid the price literally).

So, I’ve been trawling forums for information that’s going to help. So far, car-wise, I have found the following…

– Step by step pictorial tutorial showing how to remove the facia unit (large part of the dash) should I need to find it easier to get to the head unit
– Instructions on how to remove the head unit
– Tips on removing the battery terminals (apparently it’s tricky)
– How to enter the factory head unit security code which needs to be entered when the battery is disconnected
– Instructions on how to remove the door trims
– Pictorial instructions on how to remove the stock speakers

I’ve also started looking at prices for components and realised that the factory head unit will need Line Out Converters so I’ll have to ensure I get a couple of those.

So now that I have all that, I’m going to next take some photos of how the car looks now and then check sizes of speakers and start mapping out the install. I know this all sounds pretty anal, but I’m positive it will save a lot of time down the track.

More updates real soon…


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