Getz some pictures

11 Feb
Okay, time for an update.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the research phase and worked out exactly what I want to do.

Firstly, I have taken some photos of the car to work out where things will go, what it looks like, what I can do, etc. Also, it should look similar to this once I’ve finished.

Photos – these are the “before” pics.

This is the head unit. It’s factory and will stay.

Head Unit - Hyundai Getz

This is the boot. It gives a good indication of how tiny it is. The towel isn’t factory, and will probably go.

Next is the door speaker set up. Note the EXTREMELY dodgy tweeters. I’ll be putting the new speakers behind the grill, so the door should look the same as this once I’m done.


This is the rear speaker. I’m just going to disconnect this at the head unit and leave it at that…. or I may keep them for a little fill… but either way, I won’t be replacing them in this install.


So then the next phase is to work out (after looking at the engine bay) exactly what I’m going to need. I took a trip down to FHRX, the audio install place at Caringbah (which I highly recommend) and got some advice from the fellas. I also purchased all the gear I would need for the install.

In the mean time, I managed to acquire a sub, amp and front co-axs to use for the system. I have decided to put the sub (in it’s box) in the boot (on the left hand side facing to the right), the amp under one of the front seats and the door speakers…. well in the door.

A big shout out to a member of a Hyundai forum for hooking me up with his second hand gear really cheap!

Anyway, the idea here is that I will do the install as professionally as possible so that if components need to be installed in future, it will be easy. So, I now have all the gear I need for the install.


Rather than rattle off everything I bought, I might just explain it as I go with the project…

Anyway, with all of that purchased now, I have to deal with the actual install. The hardest bit is going to be going through the firewall, grounding the battery connection and also putting the power cable (with fuse) from the battery. I have decided to map it out a bit so that a) I don’t forget how to do it, b) I have a reference to work from and c) I can make sure it will all work and I haven’t forgotten anything.

So, here’s a picture of my planning. You probably don’t need to go to this level of detail, but I find it’s a good way to kill some time in front of the tennis. :)


That’s all for now, but I will be updating it after each session of the install….


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