Saab Stereo – Door speakers

14 Feb
Okay. Now, to do this bit, I suggest using your woodworking skills. If you don’t have those skills, just pretend, it isn’t that hard.Step 1: Get a piece of cardboard and sit it against the door. trace and trim until you have a template that will fit the door perfectly. It also helps to hold the template in place with screws as it will also guide you to where the holes are.

Do the same for the door trim. Trim the template until it fits nicely inside the door trim the same as it would if it where heaps thicker. Also remember to remove the speaker grill and little cut out bit for the hole. once you have the cardboard in there, you can trace around the other side for the hole the speaker goes through and the drill holes.

I’m also assuming you go from three screw holes to four – it seems that most aftermarket speakers have 4 holes.

Step 2: Once you’ve got the template, trace around it on a piece of mdf board. I use about 16mm board and I’ll be putting foam inbetween to seal up the gap.

The gap is 45mm. 16mm + 16mm mdf = 32 mm. Add 10mm foam and you’re pretty much there. Adjust measurements depending on what you have at home or can buy.

Once you’ve drawn the four templates (left door, left trim, right door, right trim) use a hole saw drill bit thing to cut a hole to start the jigsaw off. Here’s a close up of the template on mdf.

Step 3: You’ll need to cut the inside of the template to make the hole the speaker goes through. Use the jigsaw to cut this out. You don’t need to be a genius with the jigsaw, nor have excellent tools – my jigsaw cost $20 – but err on the side of a large hole if you need to. Once cut, try the speaker in it to make sure it fits. Either jigsaw or sand it to match if it doesn’t fit somewhere.

Step 4: Rough doesn’t matter, no one will see the spacer. Next step once you’ve done the hole is to cut around the outside. Do this for each and you will left with the templates to put in the doors.

Step 5: Now, we can start putting these on the doors. First things first is Dynamat – it’s a sound suppressing material that sticks on your door. You will need to put you hand through the speaker hole and stick the Dynamat to the wall of the outside door so that it will stop your music going straight through the metal – you want it to bounce back into the car.

Once you’ve done this, try the template on to make sure it fits okay.

Step 6: Remove the template and cover the immediate are with some more dynamat as pictured.

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