Saab Stereo – More about door speakers

14 Feb
Step 7: Attached the template with screws and then cut the dynamat in the whole like you would a pizza. Peel the wedges back over the template. They’ll be sticky and we’ll use that to attach the foam.

Step 8: Speaking of foam… now put the cardboard template (of the door trim) onto some closed cell foam (thickness as discussed above) and cut it out. Again, it can be pretty rough, no one is going to see it.

Step 9: Now mount the foam circle on the door in place of where the door trim spacer will go.

Step 10: Use a thinner piece of foam to mask the triangle shape of the speaker gap. Use the speaker grill to trace the shape. Put the drill holes in it by pushing screws through it. Once this is on, we’ll use it to attach the door spacer.

Step 11: Next, cut the hole in the foam (trace from the inside of the door trim) and then put the spacer in place and drill so that it attaches to the door trim.

Step 12: You can now put it all together. Put the door trim back on and there should now be the spacer on the door, then the foam, then the door trim spacer. Insert the speaker in an attach with the four screws. Mark the drill holes first and drill a pilot hole for the screws.

Step 13: Attach the front cover to the speaker (if it has one) and you’re done!!

Next post is the tweeters !!


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