Saab Stereo – the Boot

14 Feb
Next step is to set up the amps and subs in the boot (trunk).I’ve decided to use a premade, ported and tuned sub box with 2 12″ subs. It fits nicely, so no need to build it. I have 2 bass amps (monoblocks) and 1 4 channel amp. The 4 channel with run all the speakers except for the subs, and the monoblocks just run the subs.

Pic 1 : Empty Boot.

Pic 2: Left side – two monoblocks mounted.

Pic 3: Sub box

Pic 4: Right side – 4 channel amp mounted.

To build the amp racks, I just measured how big the gap would be that I need to fill to put the amp on. I then cut out that size from mdf board and covered it with carpet. I then put the holes in for the cables (the blue blits are plastic grommets to put the cables through) and screwed the amp to the board.

I then cut a hole in the boot trim and ran a piece of metal strip from the metal behind the trim to the back of the amp board and connected with a bolt. I also screwed a small angle bracket to the floor of the boot and then to the bottom of the amp rack, just to hold it in place. This is how it ended up looking.

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