Getz speakers put in

22 Feb
Okay, now that we have the spacer in there, the easy part is next – mounting the speaker.

The first thing we need to do is rewire the speaker to the existing wires. As I said before, we’re going to rewire all the speakers to the amp once it’s installed, but for now we want to have functioning speakers in the door.

Grab the speaker you took out earlier and reconnect the wiring. We need to make sure we are connecting the right wires so it’s important to make notes. When we do the full wiring, we’ll label the wires for future reference, but for now we just need to make sure the colours match up.

Once you’ve connected the wiring, follow the wires from the door side of the speaker, through the connector and to the speaker. On the speaker, you’ll see the positive and negative symbols. Write down what you’ve discovered to ensure we get the right wires connecting.


For this part you need some tools. Ideally, you’ll need wires cutters, a wire stripping tool, a soldering iron and some solder and some heat shrink. If you don’t want to do it properly, you can get out of it with a pair of pliers with a cutter on it and some electrical tape. Personally, I like to make sure it’s done right.

Cut the wires on the door side of the connector. Strip those wires in preparation for joining them up. Strip the wires on the speaker that you’re connecting ready to join with the door side wires. In my tutorial, I’m actually using a separate piece of wire that I’m putting new connectors on to go to the speaker.

Check from your notes that you have the positive wire connecting with the positive wire. Twist the two together, solder them and then cover with the heat shrink (remember to put the heat shrink on BEFORE you join the wires) – or just twist and tape if that’s how you’re doing it. On the other end, connect the positive wire to the positive terminal. For this I needed to make connectors – I’ve stripped the wire, attached the connector, soldered in place and covered with heatshrink. Do the same for the negative wires.


Now that the speaker is connected to the door, put the speaker in place and attach with screws that come with the speaker. Ensure that the speaker is properly secured to avoid rattles. Later on we will put some closed cell foam around the speaker to help with sealing it, but for now just ensure it’s secured.


Then repeat the same steps for the other door.


Replace the door trim and enjoy the new sound. It will be better than the old speakers, but not as good as it will be once the wiring is done.

Also note that I have replaced the speakers with coaxial speakers rather than splits. This means that the speaker has a tweeter built in rather than separate. I disconnected the stock tweeter so that it isn’t fighting the coax tweeter.


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