Getz speakers removed

22 Feb
The next step is the actual speakers now.

For this project I will be putting in the door speakers and also a sub woofer in the boot. I’ve decided to do the speakers first and to make sure they sound alright and work, I have decided to install the speakers with the existing wiring straight to the head unit. Then, after the amp is in place, we will run the speaker wire.

The main advantage of this is that the owner of the car can still drive it, listen to music and not be hassled with wires sticking out everywhere.

Firstly, let’s look at the speaker.


Obviously, we need to take this one out to put the new one in, so the first step is to disconnect it. To do this, locate the clips on top of the speaker and pull them apart. It’s not too difficult as there is a little push in piece of plastic that will make it easy to remove. Once you’ve done that the other part of the clip will slide along the top and be free of the speaker mount.


Once the clip is undone, remove the four OUTER screws which attach the speaker mount to the door. It’s easiest to remove the whole thing, rather than take the speaker out first. We won’t be using the mount or speaker again, so you can get rid of it as you see fit. However, before you do, it’s handy to keep one of the mounts for when we make the mdf baffles (more on that soon). Once removed, the door should look like this.


Now, it’s not recommended that you just bolt the new speakers straight into the door. The reasons for this is that a) metal isn’t very flexible and therefore the speaker will rattle if you do that, b) the speaker is probably too small to fit the mounting screws and c) the back of the speaker (voice coil) will most likely hit the window when you wind it down. By putting a spacer against the door and then mounting the speaker on that, all of these issues are avoided.

The next step is to make a wooden spacer (also called mount or baffle) to attach the speaker to the door.


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