Getz to prepare for sound deadening

22 Feb
Right, so now the door trim is off and you can put it to one side. It should look like this:


…which means that the door itself should now look like this:


We can’t get in and put the sound deadening in with that plastic sheet in the way, so we need to remove it. Before we can there a couple of things we need to do. Firstly, there is a support screwed to the door (for the arm rest screw). It needs to come off, so remove both screws holding it up.


Put the bracket and screws aside and back to the door, we need to move the wiring around the speaker. It just hooks around the baffle with a plastic hook. Pull it gently out of the way, as below. Once out of the way, disconnect it by pressing the lever on top and sliding it away from the speaker. You’ll need to carefully feed the wires and rods through the plastic as you tear it off.


Now the plastic sheet is held on with a type of sticky goop. There is two ways to remove this. The careful way, which is getting an old piece of tough plastic (like the lid to a bolt container) and carefully scraping it off as you pull the plastic away…


…or you can try that for 10 minutes, get angry and just rip the damn thing off. Turns out the ripping seems more efficient. Either way, you should end up with just the bare metal.



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