Getz to remove the door trim

22 Feb
Next step is removing the door trim.

1) Undo the screw holding the handle in. When you unscrew it, pull the handle unit gently towards you and you will see that there are ends of two metal rods linking into the unit. These rods control the locking and opening of the door. They are held in place by two plastic clips (right side blue, left side pink). Unclip the part of the clip that holds onto the rod with a screw driver. You should see something similiar to the picture below.


Once the clips are off the rods themselves, the rods can be pushed up out of the plastic keeper. Once free the handle unit can be removed very easily – as below.


2) Remove the two screws closest to the hinge of the door. They are towards the top of the door (window sill height) and they run down the side near the hinge. They require a phillips head screwdriver.


3) Remove the two screws on the opposite side of the door (away from the hinge). These are in a similar position to the above screws. These screws have plastic washers that help hold the door trim in place.


4) Inside the handle of the door (look from above the door down) is a sneaky screw. It’s easy to remove, but don’t forget it! See picture below.


5) There is one more screw I discovered. It’s near the speaker grill on the bottom corner near the door hinge. That’s the last screw you need to remove.


6) Now that the screws are removed, you will need to pop the plastic plugs that hold the door on. You want to be firm but gentle when removing these as they are easy to break and a bastard to buy and replace. To do this, firstly locate the little slot on the very botton of the door in the middle. This is to help you prize off the door trim.


Grab that spare towel and fold it over. Now stick your slotted screwdriver in between the folds and gentle push it into the slot. Lever the door trim towards you until you hear a popping sound of one of the plugs coming out.


Then you can gently pull the trim toward you to unplug the rest and you’ve almost removed the door trim.

7) While holding the door trim there are two plugs that are for the side mirror and window (depending on features and which door – the passenger side only has one plug).


Remove these plugs by pressing the clip release…


…out of their keepers…



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