Saab Cabin Filter area cleaned Part 1

25 Mar
Okay, as promised, photo tutorial on how to clean out the crud around the cabin filter to stop water getting in and wetting the mats/floor in the cabin. Ideally you’d change the cabin filter as you do this, but I didn’t have one at the time. So, order your cabin filter and then read through this tutorial…Right. So, the car starts like this…

As you can see it’s been raining a bit, which is why I noticed the water. Best to do this BEFORE it pours rain to fix the cause.

Anyway, first step was to open the bonnet and remove the rubber rain guard into the engine bay.

The rubber bit just pulls off and it isn’t difficult at all. But you need to remove it to get to a couple of clips. Put it to the side and move on to the next step.

The next step is to remove the wiper blade assembly. This is slightly different on each model, but mine’s a 1999 9-3 S so this is how mine’s set up. I’m in Australia, so things may be slightly different since my car is RHD.

Undo both wiper blade assemblies with a 13 mm socket (1/2 inch works as well)…

…and put them aside. I have a couple of cardboard tags that help me remember which part goes where when I do both sides of the car, so I used them to remember which side the assembly goes on.

This will leave the cover that needs to come off. Once the wipers are removed, it should look like this…

Before we remove the cover, make sure you disconnect the hose going to the water jets. This is pretty easy, just pull on the tube and disconnect it. Remove it on the engine side, not the bonnet side as there is a washer type thing in between and you need to slide the cover over the tube.

Next, to remove the cover, you’ll need to lift the clips up. I only had two clips (left and right) and they popped up pretty easy. Lift them up so the clips are sitting on top of the metal ledge. Pry one side out a little first…

…then you can pull the whole thing to the side and remove it entirely. Put it aside somewhere safe so you don’t step on it.

This will reveal the inner cover (as above). I’ll continue on with this in the next post, but you can already see there’s a few leaves in there…


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