Saab Cabin Filter area cleaned Part 3

25 Mar
Okay, now you should have given the whole area a nice big clean and it should look something like this:

Next we’ll need to replace the parts. Ensure the new cabin filter is in – or clean the old one up as much as possible to replace later (like I did). Next, give the secondary covery (the smaller one) a good wipe over and slip it back in – it’s pretty obvious where it goes and it really just sits there.

Next, the “Elephant’s Trunk” can go back in place. Find the holw that you took it out of…

And squeeze it back in place. Find the widest bit through so it hangs down, then pull it back towards you until it stops on the lip. Check around the holw to ensure it’s in place and push any part that came through and shouldn’t have back with your finger.

Next, slide the outer cover in place and affix with the metal clips. As you put it on, remember to feed the water tube through.

Then replace the rubber guard along the metal lip…

Now put the wiper assemblies back on (remembering the left and right side and putting them in the right spot).

Tighten up the nuts and we’re almost done.

The last thing you need to do (and don’t forget this one!) is to reconnect the hose for the window washer. Clip it back on in reverse of how you took it off, and then the connection pushes neatly into the outer cover.

Close the bonnet (hood), wash your hands and crack a beer. You deserve it.


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