Getz an amp under the seat

06 Sep

As part of this project, there will need to be an amp installed. Mostly to run the sub, but also to give more power to the front speakers. However, the amp needed to be one that accepted line inputs (speaker not RCA). For this reason I chose the amp in this tutorial. I could have mounted it in the boot, but the size of it made it a little inconvenient, especially when the boot area is already small and will have the sub also.

The logical choice was then to put it under the seat. To attach it, I decided the best way was to put a piece of mdf under the carpet and then affix the amp to the board through the carpet for maximum stability. This ended up working particularly well.

The first step is to remove the front seats. It also helps to remove the center console. The previous post covers both of these. Therefor the first step of this post is to remove the back seats. With the front seats and center console out, it’s easy to see where the bolts are for the rear seat. Remove these bolts.

The back seats will fold down and then you can remove them. Just on a side note, it does take a little bit to get them back on – they need to be perfectly aligned which can take a little bit of jiggling. Once the seats out, you’ll see the boot liner.

You’ll notice there are little clips holding the matting down to plastic covers on the left and right side. Gently remove these clips and put them somewhere safe. Then peel back the mat and put it in the boot area. This will expose those plastic covers which we’ll need to take off.

In thew picture above, there are three screws needed to remove this. There is one at the top, one on the right and one right down the bottom. Remove these and then the plastic cover. This will expose the carpet.

The next step is to remove the brackets that the seat belts are attached too. We don’t want to mess around with seat belts too much, so we’ll just remove the bracket and move it out of the way. To do this firstly, the two black clips need to come off. (Note this is on the drivers side where I’m putting the amp).

Then remove the bolts. These are a little weird, but they stay in the bracket so don’t worry too much.

Now, move them to the side and we can move the carpet. There is another cover that sits on the door frame, but it looks hard to remove, so I left it. the carpet slides out from under it anyway. Do that and then we have access to the floor itself.

Lift the carpet and you’ll be able to place the board on the floor. I squirted down some liquid nails (adhesive) to make sure the board didn’t move and rip the carpet, but this isn’t really necessary. Just being safe. Anyway, stick the board under the carpet in the position where the seat recess would be (you can judge by the seat bolt holes). The put the carpet back. It will look a little bulgy once you’re done.

You should also remember to put the seat belt bracket and the other bits back too. However, while I’m here – notice the two vents sticking out in the above picture? I’m a little worried that in winter, the driver will crank the heater and cook the amp. Therefore, I’ll seal these vents up. It shouldn’t make too much of a difference and the owner hasn’t complained yet.

To do this I wrapped duct tape around the vents and then cable tied that in place to ensure that the tape wouldn’t just blow off. Here is a before and after shot.

Once that’s done, all that’s left if to affix the amp to the board (through the carpet) with mounting screws.

A couple of things to remember. Firstly, point the side with the wires towards the front of the car – that way a careless passenger won’t kick the connections and pull out a wire! Secondly, make sure the screws you use are less than the width of the board you put under the carpet.

So, that’s the amp installed! Now we just need to complete the wiring and we’re good to go!


One response to “Getz an amp under the seat

  1. Gus

    October 26, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Nice setup. That’s exactly what I did for my vents too. I first stuffed them with foam insulation, then duct taped the crap out of them. Nice to see someone else thought of that. Hate to see people blowing hot air to their under seat amps in the winter.


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