19 Sep

This weekend gone saw the next phase of getting the support ready for the deck.

As last I left it, the drainage had been placed in but needed to be concreted in place. I also have decided to put in the supports for the posts at the front of the deck at the same time, creating support for the drainage as well as ensuring the post supports are in the right spot.

To start the concreting, I decided to spend some time to save more. I wanted to cover the parts that weren’t going to be covered in concrete with plastic so that I didn’t end up with something really messy looking.

I ended up using painter dropsheets which were inexpensive, but not water permeable and therefore shouldn’t allow concrete to get through. To prepare, I wrapped each of the drainage grates in plastic and replaced them.

The next step was to work out where the post supports would go and set up a way to concrete them in. I ended up using rocks to contain the concrete that will support the posts and they end up being concreted into them later on.

The next two photos are how I’ve worked out where the posts will go, and how I’ve limited the space to be concreted.

Next I went through and made a plastic “skirt” for the pavers. The idea was that I didn’t want to get the concrete mess all over the pavers and have to try and clean it off later. The day started off clam, but got more windy, but I held the plastic in place with rocks.

Once all the plastic was in place, it was time to start the concreting. I started with the post supports as that would push the drainage into place and also be the difficult part to get square.

Once the supports were set up in place, the next part was the gap between the pavers and the drainage. This was going to be time consuming and back breaking, but was important. I would fill with concrete and then pull the plastic out, smoothing the concrete back down again as I went. The result was a pretty neat finish and no mess on the pavers.

And then below is the finished product for now. I ran out of time and energy, but happy with what’s in place. The next step is to fill the rest of the trench (between post supports). I have put a bunch of large rocks into that area and also will be putting but blue metal rocks in there as well. The integrity isn’t a huge issue for that part, but coverage is. I don’t need it to be too solid, but I do need it to be filled in to some extent to relive a little pressure of ground movement over time.

From here, the next step is to bolt support beams into the stirrups and then put a bearer across the top. Then I need to put a couple more supports in to to the bearers on the fence side and then I can start building the frame!

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