20 Oct

Okay, after months of research and build up, I’m actually once step (bounce) away from my poweriser adventure….


Alright, so I haven’t got them yet, but my impatience has lead me to look at another website to be able to order them.

Let me talk about that for a second. I have been looking at a particular site for the powerisers, but they said that they wouldn’t ship immediately (and I want them now!), so I started googling for another place to buy them.

When I did I found a lot of different brands of Jumping Stilts (this being the generic name, Powerisers is a brand of Jumping Stilts). Some were half the price and others where a bit plastic looking. I have almost 100 kgs to put on these things so I want them to be good quality.

I also read a lot of noise about fake jumping stilts and web sites that were about ripping people off. I got a little concerned – and I won’t mention which sites I was thinking about buying from because I have nothing to back up whether they are dodgy or not – so I remembered a trip to Katoomba a while back where I saw a shop that sold them.

I googled “powerisers blue mountains” and the shop came up. It’s called Weirder the Better (which could be my blog title) and they have an online shop. So I had previously rung the other website I was going to order from and got an answering machine message both on the business and mobile numbers (which concerned me). Therefore I clicked on the contact page of WTB (Weirder the Better) and sent them an email asking if they had any in stock and how long it would take.

A guy called Graham responded really quickly and said they have them in stock. Immediately I was impressed. Sure I love the interwebz, but I also like humans and I’m wary of scams. The human touch point reassures me.

Anyway, the order is placed. I replied to Graham and told him I’d placed the order, which he informed me was now in a box and ready to go. So far, I’m VERY impressed by the experience and happy to recommend that if you are in the market for buying something for your everyday circus performer needs, this is the place to go. (Yes, you read that line properly).

I will update with photos of the gear, my smiling face and then the injuries I sustain trying to use the damn things as soon as the parcel comes.



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