Finishing Drainage

20 Oct

Okay, my last update post was the concreting of the drainage. I put a bunch of rocks and stuff to backfill the hole and the next step was to go through and fill that hole with dirt.

Now, I probably should have concreted it, but to be honest the concreting is a horrible job and it got a fair bit of support from the post stirrups, so I didn’t think it needed the extra effort.

Once I found a day when it wasn’t raining, I went through and used the dirt I had dug out of the hole to fill it back in again. I kept the plastic on to do this so I wasn’t pouring heaps of dirt back into the drain. As I filled the hole, I stomped on it with my shoe so that it would pack down a bit and then kept filling until it hit the level (more or less).

Then once that was done, I went through and I removed the plastic. I was happy with the result as the drain grates were a little dusty, but no signs of concrete. I think the whole plastic wrapping exercise was 100% worth the extra time I spent doing it.

The other reason why I just used dirt is that there will be a front on the deck which will be level with the drainage grate (but still leaving enough room to remove the grate to take out leaves). This means that I will then backfill behind that front to add weight to the dirt there already. This should give an even more stable base for the drainage.

Okay, so now that the drainage is complete, the next step is to start building the frame…

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Posted by on October 20, 2011 in Decking [COMPLETE]


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