Rails Finished

23 Jan

Again, rain stopped play.

But the advantage is that I can catch up with previous photos. This post brings us up to date and then later this week I’ll be doing the majority of the work to finsh the deck off. Very exciting!

As per last post, I need to go through and redo all the posts to be recessed and strengthen the frame in general. I have taken each post out of the garden (now that I’ve put them all in place) individually and finished them off.

The first step is to do the recess where the bearer will lock into. To do this, I measured out the size of the recess and then used the circular drop saw to make a row of cuts to build the recess. Below is a picture of my half way through.

Once the recess is done, the next step is to measure exactly 180cm from the recess to the top of the post. This means that the post is the same height from the deck the whole way around the fence line. Once measured, it’s just a simple cut.

After the post is the right height, the second bolt to the stirrup is required. Remember I only put one bolt in to hold the post? Well, I need to put the second bolt through to hold the post solid.

You can see in the above shot that I have used a sharpie to mark the outside of the hole where the second bolt needs to go. Because the first bolt holds tightly, the second bolt just needs to go through and then it will tighten the stirrup to hols the post solid. Therefore the next step is to make the second hole bigger just so that the bolt will go through.

Once the holes are done, the recess is made and the post is the right height, the post needs to go back in the stirrup and be solidly bolted in. Obviously it needs to be level in both left/right and front/back.

You can see in the above picture that I haven’t fully tightened the bolts, and will do that once I’m sure it’s level. Once the bolts are tightened, I check again to makes sure we’re good. Using the support post that I originally put on to ensure the post was level, helps a lot with doing this.

Once the post is in place, I need to do the bearer. It needs to sit in the recess and be exactly the length between the two posts. I also want the to bearers to over lap, so that means cutting half of the bearer end off and then bolting them together. I came up with the most efficient way I had available to me, which isn’t the safest, but seemed to work really well.

I measured the half of the bearer I need to cut off so that it had a recess that sat inside the post recess. The next bearer would them have one on the opposite side and they would fit together perfectly and be bolted to the post. I marked the lines (note the shading of the waste side) and then I made the cuts. I used a combination of the drop saw and a hand saw to finish it off. The photos below are pretty self explanatory…

The final product…

Okay,k sure it’s not perfect. But it’s close enough and the bolts will pull them together nicely.

The best thing is that at the ends, the recess doesn’t need to be made and the bearer just bolts on. From there each bearer overlaps and fits together perfectly…

And then once it all fits together it looks like this…

The corner, of course, provided the biggest problem, but that just consisted of some accurate measuring and some more shallow recesses…. and a rubber mallet. 🙂

And then, once all of this has been done, I have ended up with an extremely solid framework that will support the last step of framing before the deck goes on.

And now the final step is to go through and put all the framework in place for the decking to sit on. That is the next step I need to do (when it stops raining) and then the deck boards go on!

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