New Game!

03 Feb
New Game!


There is a new roller derby board game coming out and I’ve been selected as a play tester for it. I’m really excited and can’t wait to get into it.

So, to cut a long story short, I have been sent the game, but in all fairness, the version I have is a throw together version… I mean pre-release version that just has representations of the pieces, not the final product. The game was shipped from the States and therefore they pulled stuff together as quickly as possible to ensure we got the kits in Australia around the same time as every one else.

Here’s a pic of what came in the kit.

It doesn’t look that exciting yet, but I’ll do some shots when I’m playing a game soon.

Since I don’t mind painting miniatures and Impact! Miniatures happen to have roller derby girl miniatures that go nicely with this game, I thought I’d order a few and make the game play a little more fun. So I did.

I received them not long after the game and I’ve started preparing them for paint.

Now, I’m a little old school on the painting front and like to take my time and do things properly. Unfortunately this is a pretty time consuming process. Therefore, I thought it would be worthwhile posting up progress pics as I go so you can see the steps I’ve taken.

The first thing to note is that the miniatures are pewter and get shipped to you with little bits of scrap from the moulding attached, heads separate from the body and little black plastic stands. You then clean them up and assemble them and glue them to the stand. This is pretty normal of all metal miniatures.

I went through and worked out exactly who I was going to paint up… in that I am going to do two teams, each consisting of 5 skaters. The teams I decided on are the D’Viants and the Unicorns. This decision was based entirely on the fact that the miniatures are wearing shorts and everyone knows that BSK and the Assassins wear skirts.

Next I had to work out who I should make the 5 players from each team. It’s hard because there are way more than 5 in the team, but the board game only requires 5. Therefore I wanted to pick the most recognisable skaters from each team. I still have to work within the bounds of the miniatures, but I thought a fair way to do it was to work out who spent the most time on the track last year. I’ll go through and name them when I put the pictures of the miniatures below.

Anyway, the next thing I did was to clean them up and choose which heads will go on which bodies. Then I was ready for the glue. In the picture below you can see that I’ve done one team (D’viants – with helmets) and the Corns are yet to have heads.

Wow… headless Unicorns. Scary thought.

Anyway, I finished glueing the heads on and left them overnight to dry. This morning I packed them away ready for the next step which will be getting the bases ready, then undercoat.

So, below you can see each of the miniatures with who they will be once finished. You may not see how that will happen yet, but hopefully they will be recognisable once they’re done. By the way, I did the photos really quickly and the miniatures are about 4 cm high, so some of them are quite blurry.

To get the ball rolling – I present the D’viants… (names below the picture)

Crystal Beth – Jammer!

Womb Raider


Bitchy n Scratchy

And completing the team, in the position of pivot – Haterade

And now presenting Team Unicorn, The Holy Rollers….

Winnie Bruise – Jammer

Brit Knee Tears

Apollonia Thunderpussy

Blood Bath Binki

And in the role of Pivot – Captain Ratz

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