Black Winnie, Bam-a-lam

08 Feb
Black Winnie, Bam-a-lam

The next stage of painting the miniatures has now been done. It’s a highly complex and time consuming process…. undercoating.

To do this, I stood the miniatures on a piece of cardboard and sprayed them with an aerosol can containing Chaos Black Undercoat from Games Workshop. That’s it. Oh, I let them dry.

Not difficult, but an essential part to painting. They now feel more like plastic than pewter. I have decided to go with the black undercoat since most of the uniforms will be black and the skin colour I have chosen is fairly light so should nicely be contrasted by the black.

Anyway a nice even spray from a distance of about 30cm covers the miniatures nicely. You don’t want to put too much on, but enough to ensure there is an even amount all over them. They dry quickly, but I like to leave at least 24 hours between each thing I do that needs to dry. It’s probably not necessary, but since I’m old now, I like to do things properly.

So, here are the results – the photos are starting to be a little better now since the shine from the pewter isn’t causing the auto focus to go haywire…


Crystal Beth – Jammer

Womb Raider


Bitchy n Scratchy

Haterade – Pivot



Winnie Bruise – Jammer

Brit Knee Tears

Apollonia Thunderpussy

Blood Bath Binki

Captain Ratz – Pivot


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