Making Base

08 Feb
Making Base

So the next instalment of creating Derby Girl miniatures involves me making a few modifications and setting the bases.

One of the problems (that is common to most miniatures) is that the bases are too loose to hold the miniatrues properly. Therefore, the base needs to have a little something added to them to ensure the miniature is solid.

There are various different ways to do this. Milliput is the stuff I used to use years ago, but it’s expensive and I don’t even know if it’s around any more. So I decided to use a product I found in Hardware Stores years ago. Luckily they still sell it.

It’s called “Knead It” and it’s a two part type of putty that when you knead it together sets hard as metal after about 15 minutes. It’s primarily used for filling holes in things and can be sanded, drilled, etc once it has set. I find it sets a nice heavy base and fills the gap of the slot as well as adhering to the miniature and therefore making the whole thing quite solid. You also don’t have to be too careful because it can be sanded back if you use too much.

You can see in the picture above the tools I’ve used here. Firstly, note the towel to ensure not to damage the table. The empty cigar box was my cutting board and scrap container (a couple of blobs hardened too quickly). The screwdriver helps to push down any Knead It that oozes through to above the base. The scalpel is for cutting a sliver of the putty. The pliers I used to pry off those sections of the miniature that I wanted to remove (eg, extra base sections). I also used some side cutters (not shown). Most importantly, I wore ruber gloves while kneading the putty since it can be nasty to your skin – especially if it dries on you!

Above the tools you can see the miniatures and how I have pushed the putty up from the base to fill the slot and to be set in the under side of the base.

Above is a close up of the miniatures. You can see clearly how I have made it look like the rear roller skate is in the air where the original was stuck to the base. Also, I have moved the skater back a little with the roller skate hanging off to give the miniature a better sense of balance and hopefully preventing it falling over too much during the game.

Below are the individual players again but this time with their bases done. The pewter is very hard to photograph so there’s a lot of blurry ones in here – sorry!


Crystal Beth – Jammer

Womb Raider


Bitchy n Scratchy

Haterade – Pivot



Winnie Bruise – Jammer

Brit Knee Tears

Apollonia Thunderpussy

Blood Bath Binki

Captain Ratz – Pivot


And that’s it for the basing. Sorry about the quality of the photos, the next post will be the undercoating so the photos should look better. 🙂

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