Planning #1

09 Feb
Planning #1

One of the biggest problems about painting miniatures is knowing exactly what colours will go where. Therefore, it helps to do a little planning. Especially in this case since I really want these ones to have personality – not their own, but the players they are based on.

There are always things that make each player stand out and allow you to identify which is your favourite. I wanted to encapsulate as much of that as I can, but to do so, I need to make sure I get as detailed as possible. So, I’ve put a lot of time into stalking… I mean researching what the players wear and what they look like. This way, I hope to be able to make the miniatures recognizable enough for a fan to know who it is.

Unfortunately this takes a long time (probably longer than painting), but I think it’s going to be worth it. Below are the first three “plans” of what the miniatures will eventually look like (hopefully). I’ve started with the D’viants. I haven’t labelled the photo of the plan, their name is at the top.

Disclaimer: Drawings may not be to scale nor very good. Some colours are moved to base colours (eg bright green to green, lime green to green, fluoro green to green) – this is not to make it easy, this is because I am a bloke. Any offense that may be taken by the actual people of who the plans are made about is fully intended, though definitely in jest. 🙂

More to follow as I do more planning….

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