Planning #2

10 Feb
Planning #2

Here are the rest of the plans for the miniatures.

You know, this took a REALLY long time. The first thing I did on each page was roughly sketch out in pencil the stance that the skater is in for the miniature. This way I can match the miniature with the plan. Secondly, I went through a whole heap of photos on Facebook looking at each player individually to see what details I could pick out. Then after about 50 photos I would remind myself that I wasn’t just looking at cool photos, but trying to find details. So I would have to then go back and look through them again.

In some cases, I just couldn’t quite get the details. Some eye colours will be wrong, some placement of things like tattoos and stickers may be off, but I’m hoping that when a fan sees the miniature, you can tell who it is. I also think the players name and number should help with that.

Anyway, I’ve finished them all off now and I think this was the most time consuming part of this project. I’d say the planning part has taken around 5-6 hours! I broke it up into a couple of sessions, but the end result I hope will be worth it.

Without further ado, I give you the rest of the SRDL players, Impact City style.

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