Skateboard Upgrade

14 Feb
Skateboard Upgrade

Well, it’s been way too long since I last did anything to my skateboard apart from ride it.

So I decided it was time to give it a little maintenance. I have been riding a lot more of late and noticed that the bearing just weren’t happy, and the deck bolt had started to come loose. I couldn’t really tighten them much because they were pretty rusty.

I went down to “Decked Out” in Sutherland and picked up some new Modus bearings and some new deck bolts. I don’t need expensive named stuff, just not cheap nasty stuff. All up it came to just over $30. I was happy with that.

I sat down and changed the bearings (the old ones pretty much fell apart when I took them out) and then I rotated the wheels so that they could wear more evenly. And when I say rotate, not like that, you idiot, I turned them to face the other way. I have noticed a fair bit of wear, and I want round wheels not oblate ones.

I also took the trucks off and remounted them with the new deck bolts. Super tight and all happy now. I gave board a five second road test and it seemed to go well, I’ll have to wait for the rain to stop to test it properly, though….

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