More skin and some green…

21 Mar
More skin and some green…

Okay, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done an update on the miniature painting. That’s mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve done any painting. Time is my enemy.

However, I have got myself set up and ready to do some more painting. This is my workstation (on the dining table with a towel to protect the table).

Anyway, the end of the last session of painting saw a little bit of a disaster. As I was packing up, I dropped Brit Knee on the floor and her head fell off. I was devastated so I kept the head and vowed to fix her next time.

This session therefore started off with me glued her head back on. I had to file down her neck first to make the join better and to get rid of some of the paint. Then I glued it right back on there and gave it a lick of paint once the glue was dry. It turned out okay (except the photo is blurry)

Next person up for their skin to be painted was Thunder!

Next up to get skin was Blood Bath Binki. Not that you can normally see her skin for tattoos, but I’ll put them on after the skin.

And then the lucky last person to get skin is Captain Ratz!!

Now that all the skins are done (and yes they are a bit messy in parts, it’s time to go through and add the next level of detail. GREEN!!

So I’ve decided that since these miniatures will be used for the board game, I really need to differentiate between teams. Also each skater has to have a “position”. Therefore I have decided that all deviants will have green helmets – the pivot and jammer will have a black stripe or star. This is moving away from the realism a little, but it’s more important to ensure that they’re easy to see. Besides, someone may have given them all cool helmets as presents. Why not.

Anyway, I have started painting up some of the green bits. They will be highlighted later and therefore will be a little lighter in colour, but this is the base coat. I did helmet and wheels this round and then once I’ve painted the uniforms and skates, I’ll do the top bits as well (like laces and belts, etc). It’s important to get these in the right order – for example, it’s easy to clean up green by going over it with black, but harder to cover up black with green.

And that’s all for now. More after the next painting session which will hopefully be soon!


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