6 week exercise challenge

07 May

Have you ever wanted to be able to do 100 push-ups or 150 dips? No, me either.

However, recently I found that doing those sorts of exercises can be fun if you do it such a way as you’re not forcing yourself too hard, but enjoying the challenge instead.

I mustn’t be the only person who has thought this because I’ve recently found a website to help people achieve those exact goals. has put together a 6 week programme that can get you doing 100 push-ups in one go by the end of it. I’m about half way through the programme and loving it. I’m already doing 100 push ups when I previously struggled to do 10. Of course it’s not all at once, it’s over a series of sets.

The idea is that you do (around) 5 sets of push ups three times a week in increasing numbers until you can do all the push ups. You start with only a small number – as low as 2 or 3 – and build up from there. There are constant tests to see how you are doing as well.

I wanted to mention it, because I think that it’s a fantastic website and I’ve heard good things about it from other places too.

The best news is that they do a 150 dips programme also! I’ve just started that one as well.

Besides that, there are a number of different exercises that are similar on the same site. And a funky little book to download free if you want to track how you’re doing. There are a bunch of other things you can do that I’ve never even tried!!

All in all, a huge thumbs up and worth a write up on my blog.


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Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Fitness/Weight Loss


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