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Intercooler install – Removing the bumper

Intercooler install – Removing the bumper

This is an photo journey of my installation of a new intercooler in my Saab 9-3 (1999, RHD). The standard one makes the air flow back and forth in the intercooler, but I’m installing a bigger cross flow intercooler to cool the intake air and to increase the flow of air to the engine.

To install the new intercooler, the old intercooler needs to be removed and for that to happen, the bumper needs to come off. This section of the install will just focus on the bumper removal.

This is how the car looks at the start. You’ll need to have the bonnet (hood) up so that you can get into the engine bay.


The next two pictures show the piping going to the intercooler (not very clearly).



When I’m working on the car like this, I always have my ipad open and handy with a tutorial ready to go. It makes things a lot easier.



The first part to come off is the front grill. There are two clips at the top of it that hold it on. The clips pinch together and then you can lift the grill off.



From the top looking down at the right hand side of the car (facing it), you can the screw that holds the right side front light assembly.


Remove the screw and then light assembly pulls forward.


Pinch the sides of the clip together to release the whole unit and put it aside.


Next is the actual headlight. Looking from the top down, you can see the two screws holding in the top of the light. Remove these screws.


Once those two are out, there is a third screw on a metal bracket on the side of the unit. Undo this screw and pull the light forward.


Once pulled out, undo the clips holding the wiring to the light.




My bumper has driving lights and therefore I’ll need to unplug them before taking the bumper off. The following shot is the plug from the bottom, looking up.


The next wire to unplug is the temperature sensor in the bumper itself. 


It disconnects easily by pulling the clip out.



Once all the electronics have been removed, the bumper is only held on with two large bolts. These are on either side of the radiator, located on the metal frame of the bumper.


Remove these bolts.


I also have a bit of a body kit thing – like a skirt that goes into the bumper. It has a screw holding it to the car, so that needs to be undone. There is also one on the bottom (photo looking up from the ground) that needs to be removed.



Once all the above have been removed, the bumper can now be pulled forward from the car evenly.




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