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How miniature is miniature?

I thought I’d just make a quick post to let everyone know just how big the actual miniatures are.

To find something that is the same size, I put a 50c (Australian) piece next to the miniature. However, since I have many international friends who read my blog, I have also put an iPhone in the background.

The iPhone is a good indicator of size because everyone has one and they’re all pretty much the same size.


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Miniature update

Just a quick update since it’s been a while since I posted. I have now got the skin on all the girls so next step is to take them one by one and get the ready for the wash stage. After the wash, they’ll be dry brushed for highlights and then they’re complete. It’s getting exciting.

The first person in the list was always Crystal Beth. She is the first one ready for inking. Notice the detail in the pics. This is each angle of the miniature.

Okay on that first picture, check out the following: The wheels and shoelaces. The green bands around the knee pads. The helmet with the jammer star. The face and general skin tones.

Notice the number painted on the back.

Check out the face and skin tones.

Probably the best picture I took of the miniature. Check out the detail. It will look even better once it’s finished. Anyway, one down another 9 to go…



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More skin and some green…

More skin and some green…

Okay, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done an update on the miniature painting. That’s mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve done any painting. Time is my enemy.

However, I have got myself set up and ready to do some more painting. This is my workstation (on the dining table with a towel to protect the table).

Anyway, the end of the last session of painting saw a little bit of a disaster. As I was packing up, I dropped Brit Knee on the floor and her head fell off. I was devastated so I kept the head and vowed to fix her next time.

This session therefore started off with me glued her head back on. I had to file down her neck first to make the join better and to get rid of some of the paint. Then I glued it right back on there and gave it a lick of paint once the glue was dry. It turned out okay (except the photo is blurry)

Next person up for their skin to be painted was Thunder!

Next up to get skin was Blood Bath Binki. Not that you can normally see her skin for tattoos, but I’ll put them on after the skin.

And then the lucky last person to get skin is Captain Ratz!!

Now that all the skins are done (and yes they are a bit messy in parts, it’s time to go through and add the next level of detail. GREEN!!

So I’ve decided that since these miniatures will be used for the board game, I really need to differentiate between teams. Also each skater has to have a “position”. Therefore I have decided that all deviants will have green helmets – the pivot and jammer will have a black stripe or star. This is moving away from the realism a little, but it’s more important to ensure that they’re easy to see. Besides, someone may have given them all cool helmets as presents. Why not.

Anyway, I have started painting up some of the green bits. They will be highlighted later and therefore will be a little lighter in colour, but this is the base coat. I did helmet and wheels this round and then once I’ve painted the uniforms and skates, I’ll do the top bits as well (like laces and belts, etc). It’s important to get these in the right order – for example, it’s easy to clean up green by going over it with black, but harder to cover up black with green.

And that’s all for now. More after the next painting session which will hopefully be soon!


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More Miniature Skin

More Miniature Skin

Starting to have real problems in finding time to do everything. But, I managed to get some skin paint on a few more miniatures. I was trying to get a lot done quickly, so it could have been less messy, but remember, the bits (outside the lines) will be painted over when I do the uniforms.

Anyway, I’ll let the (not that great) photos do the talking…


Bitchy n Scratchy


Winnie Bruise

Brit Knee Tears

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Actually painting now

Actually painting now

Okay, so the plans are set, and now I can actually start painting.

The first thing to do is set up your workspace – you need paints and brushes and water and a REALLY COOL way to do fine detail work…. This is my set up. : )

And yes, that’s two alligator clips, one holding the miniature and one holding a second magnifying glass. There’s also an adjustable magnifying glass (huge) on the stand as well, and I’ve clipped on a lamp too. It makes things a lot easier, but still not easy. 🙂 This is what it’s like looking through the looking glasses…

Anyway, after setting up it’s time to get down to business.

I’m painting the miniatures in the same order that I’ve kept on this blog to make things easier. I have the iPad on one side with this blog open so I can reference the planning.

I have started by doing the skin colour on all miniatures first. The more I can do with one colour, the better. Now, please note that it’s a little sloppy in places. This doesn’t really matter at the skin level because I’ll go over everything else on the miniature with a different colour anyway.

There is also a process called “washing” where a darker more viscous paint is washed over the top of the colour. The idea is that it gets into the grooves to provide a sort of shading finish. I will do that after I’ve done all the skin tones on each of the miniatures. At the moment, the girls look like they haven’t put their make up on yet. 🙂  I also have to add in eyes, eye balls, lipstick, etc. But it’s a start. 😀

Here’s the progress on Crystal Beth…

Then next up, Womb Raider…

Then on to the rest of the D’viants. 🙂


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Planning #2

Planning #2

Here are the rest of the plans for the miniatures.

You know, this took a REALLY long time. The first thing I did on each page was roughly sketch out in pencil the stance that the skater is in for the miniature. This way I can match the miniature with the plan. Secondly, I went through a whole heap of photos on Facebook looking at each player individually to see what details I could pick out. Then after about 50 photos I would remind myself that I wasn’t just looking at cool photos, but trying to find details. So I would have to then go back and look through them again.

In some cases, I just couldn’t quite get the details. Some eye colours will be wrong, some placement of things like tattoos and stickers may be off, but I’m hoping that when a fan sees the miniature, you can tell who it is. I also think the players name and number should help with that.

Anyway, I’ve finished them all off now and I think this was the most time consuming part of this project. I’d say the planning part has taken around 5-6 hours! I broke it up into a couple of sessions, but the end result I hope will be worth it.

Without further ado, I give you the rest of the SRDL players, Impact City style.

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Planning #1

Planning #1

One of the biggest problems about painting miniatures is knowing exactly what colours will go where. Therefore, it helps to do a little planning. Especially in this case since I really want these ones to have personality – not their own, but the players they are based on.

There are always things that make each player stand out and allow you to identify which is your favourite. I wanted to encapsulate as much of that as I can, but to do so, I need to make sure I get as detailed as possible. So, I’ve put a lot of time into stalking… I mean researching what the players wear and what they look like. This way, I hope to be able to make the miniatures recognizable enough for a fan to know who it is.

Unfortunately this takes a long time (probably longer than painting), but I think it’s going to be worth it. Below are the first three “plans” of what the miniatures will eventually look like (hopefully). I’ve started with the D’viants. I haven’t labelled the photo of the plan, their name is at the top.

Disclaimer: Drawings may not be to scale nor very good. Some colours are moved to base colours (eg bright green to green, lime green to green, fluoro green to green) – this is not to make it easy, this is because I am a bloke. Any offense that may be taken by the actual people of who the plans are made about is fully intended, though definitely in jest. 🙂

More to follow as I do more planning….

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