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Dukan Friendly Meaballs

Dukan Friendly Meaballs

This recipe was found and then perfected by my wife. She asked me to cook it one day and now I cook it all the time.

These meatballs are extremely compatible with the Dukan diet.

The idea behind these was to create a small healthy snack that could be eaten quickly and is high in protein. The meatballs can be kept in groups of 3 or 4 in individual containers. They microwave in about 1 minute and are a great snack.

Start with 500g of beef mince.


Then add some tomato sauce. The tomato sauce we use is apparently the right one that you can use with Dukan. Put in maybe half a cup.

IMG_0090 IMG_0092

Stir it all up really well. I find that a really good stir after each ingredient is added makes it turn out really well.

Next throw in 2 tablespoons of Oat Bran. This stuff is also Dukan friendly and is great for your digestion.


Once you’ve stirred all that in, the next step is to add an egg. It’s just more protein, right?


Once you’ve mixed all that up, the seasoning needs to go in. I usually mix all the dry ingredients before putting them in with the mince.


Above you can see parsley, onion flakes and a vegetable stock powder called Vegata. If I have them available, I prefer to use fresh herbs instead of the dried parsley. Usually fresh parsley and chives.

Once that’s all been mixed in nicely, just roll the mixture into little balls and put in the frying pan.


Depending on the size of the meatballs, you could get around 40 meatballs out of one mixture.


I use my electric frying pan on number 4 (on’t know what that equates to, really) with the lid on. I spray a small amount of olive oil in the pan to stop sticking. I turn them over when they are brown on the bottom, and then take them out when they are brown on top and bottom.


Once cooled, put them into little containers for snacks. They go really well with bbq and steak sauce and are great little snack. You could also add them from here straight into a Bolognese type sauce and serve with spaghetti.




500g Beef Mince

1/2 cup tomato sauce

2 tblspns of Oatbran

1 egg

Parsely, Chives, vegetable stock, onion flakes (too taste)

Form: Into small balls and cook in a frying pan, turning when the bottom is brown.


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Quinoa Bolognaise

A quick an easy recipe. I made it last night and decided to take some photos while I did.

This recipe is all about a cheap and easy meal that feeds thousands. It’s pretty much your standard Spaghetti Bolognaise, but with quinoa instead of meat.

First things first – boil some pasta. I put in a packet and a half (500g pkt) which was way too much, but left overs are great.

I had preboiled some quinoa (2 cups quinoa, 6 cups water, 6 teaspoon of powdered vege stock) and took out a couple of cups worth – there would have been about 3 cups left. Next I grabbed some leftovers from burrito night (but any vegetable matter will do) and a bottle of pasta sauce and a tin of diced tomatoes that were left in the cupboard. And a few herbs and seasoning…

Just so you know, that’s pineapple, grated carrot, corn, celery and the quinoa in the background.

Then once the pasta was cooked, I put it in a steamer and left it in the sink to drain. I through the vege ingredients into a hot frying pan and fried them a little, then chucked in the quinoa and heated it up as well. After that that diced tomatoes went in, got mixed up and then I added the pasta sauce. I gave it all a really good stir and then added the parsley and vege stock (just a sprinkle of each).

Once it was thoroughly mixed up, I threw the pasta in and mixed it all together after turning off the frying pan. When it was all nicely mixed up, I spoon out some into a bowl, added a little grated cheese on top and sat down with a bottle of Jolt Cola. 🙂

So, the funny thing is that I made HEAPS. To give you an idea on exactly how much I did make, here is a picture of what I ended up with.

So to give you scale, the non pasta containers have exactly one cup of quinoa in each. I then have three lunches with cheese on top (on the left), the two empty bowls for dinner that were eaten (rear left) and two massive containers with more leftovers – the one with the blue lid will be my dinner tonight, the stuff in the red container will be made into quinoa bolognaise pasta bake. 😀

I figure that this meals would have to be only a dollar or two per serving and makes heaps. Cheap, easy, quick – win.

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