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Star Wars cushion

Star Wars cushion

Don’t you hate it when your favourite t-shirt gets too old/small/holey/etc ??

I decided that my Star Wars t-shirt could do with a second life, so I decided to make it into small pillow. I wanted a little pillow to rest my arm on when I’m using the computer at my desk. This was how I did it.

The (Imperial) symbol on the shirt is the prefect size for a little pillow, so I decided that’s how big it would be. I then went around the symbol (with the t-shirt inside out) with a row of pins to hold the material together.


Here’s a close up. If you want to make a different shape, just think about the front of the t-shirt as the front of the cushion and pin it from there.


Once you’ve pinned it around, you can cut it out of the t-shirt. This will make it a lot easier to sew.


Once you’ve cut it out, it’s time to sew. Not rocket science, just run the sewing machine around near where the pins are. The only thing to really remember is that we need a space to put the filling in, so leave a decent gap.


I just did a simple zig zag stitch – something strong over looks.


Here’s the pillow now that has been turned inside-out. The symbol is now very visible and the hole left to put the filling in is obvious.


I happened to have some left over wadding, so I used that. The rest of the t-shirt, plastic pellets, wadding – there are lots of things you can fill a pillow with.


Once you’ve put the filling in, don’t be afraid to over fill it a bit – it will settle down as you use it. You can also see below that I have placed a pin in the filling hole getting ready to sew that up.


Then the final sewing needs to be done to close up the filling. Don’t forget that you will see this piece of sewing, so be mindful.


And this is how the finished product looks in situ. Works really well. 🙂



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