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The day after my 41st birthday, I decided to go in a competition to prove how much I had improved my fitness. It was a way of being able to have a goal to work towards and also a way to celebrate that I would be the fittest I have ever been in my entire life to this point.

The Urbanathlon itself is what they call an Obstacle Course Race (OCR). Most seem to heavily involve mud (or glasses stealer as I like to call it), but the Urbanathlon is like a triathlon or decathlon, but in an urban setting – hence the name.

The race itself was 12 kilometres and 10 obstacles. I had to do a lot of training since I had never jogged (or ran) before. However, the practice that I had helped a lot and I was able to finish about 900th out of up to 3000 competitors. Not the most glamourous of finishes, but I made it.

Below are some photos that are low res (stolen from the Urbanathlon site) of me in action. Check out the website at to learn more about the race.




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